Support and Empower Frontline Workers


A guide to providing frontline or field workers with the digital tools they need to stay engaged and connected. 

48% of frontline workers are not digitally empowered! Unlike their desk-based colleagues, field workers often don't have access to digital communication and collaboration tools, like a company intranet. That means they lack access to internal news and events, making it harder to feel part of the company culture. Providing a shared space tailored to frontline workers' roles boosts feelings of belonging, helping foster inclusivity and engagement. 

Download this whitepaper, by completing the form, and learn how to empower and support frontline workers.


What will you learn?

Workplace Inclusivity: Connecting Frontline Workers with Digital Tools

Read our whitepaper and learn how to empower and support frontline workers to create a more inclusive workplace. 

You'll learn

  • Who a frontline worker is & the challenges they face
  • The value of connected frontline workers
  • How to empower field workers with digital tools 
  • Powell Software digital workplace solutions tailored to employees roles

Create an inclusive and engaged workforce

Frontline or first-line workers are a key pillar in every organization. Yet too often, these deskless workers, are overlooked in discussions about tools like the digital workplace or company intranet.

Those on the field have different needs, from access to documents to simply being informed of company news. So, in this guide we explore the different options available to frontline employees.

Our digital workplace experts will guide you through everything you need to know about providing frontline workers with the communication and collaboration tools they need.

  • Understand the challenges frontline workers are facing
  • Learn why employee engagement is more important than ever
  • Discover how to empower first-line workers
  • Explore the Powell Software digital workplace and employee experience solutions for your workforce
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