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41% of employees started looking for a new role in 2021. This presents SMEs with a big opportunity! By being able to act fast and offer a flexible, hybrid work culture that meets the desires of today’s workers, SMEs can attract and retain great talent. However, a flexible work culture relies on having the right tools that really allow employees to be productive from anywhere. Employees need to connect and collaborate with colleagues remotely, book their desk for in-office days and grab a virtual coffee with colleagues.

Together can do all that, and so much more.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the role of digitalization in hybrid working and why flexible technology is more important than ever


  • Explore what the future workplace looks like post-lockdown and how businesses can deliver a remote work experience to rival in-person work
  • Discover Together, the all-in-one workspace that allows workers and their employers to collaborate in a single simple, intuitive interface
  • Learn why employees, HR and leadership appreciate having a complete portal accesible from Microsoft Teams, their browser and mobile
  • See why IT love the ease at which Together can be deployed into the organization to be up and running in moments

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