The Ultimate Guide for Digital Workplace Managers & Internal Communicators.

Written by Martyn Perks, Digital Workplace Consultant.

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Creating an intranet content strategy from A-Z ⬇️

Content, in how it’s created, published, and managed, is the lifeblood of your organization. But it relies on having the right tools and the right strategies in place. That's why the intranet is once again at the forefront of internal communications.

If you have just launched an intranet or are running an existing one, this guide will help you with the A-Z of your content strategy.

Whether you are an editor, author, or part of a publishing team, it will provide you with plenty of ways to be creative. Helping you find the best formats to engage everyone while supporting your organization’s goals and culture.

You'll learn:

  • What makes great intranet content & 7 ways to improve your content (from today!)
  • Why governance matters & how to avoid restrictive red tape
  • Why an editor makes all the difference & who should have this role
And so much more! As we said, it really is the ultimate guide you need.

About the Author - Martyn Perks

Martyn is an experienced digital workplace consultant - advising all kinds of global organizations on how to use technology the right way, improving internal communication and employee productivity. He writes and comments for CMSwire, Simply Communicate, Internal Comms Pro, and ClearBox’s digital workplace reports.

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