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Leaders today face a tough work environment, trying to balance an ever-changing pandemic with a demotivated workforce. With some employees back in the office and others working from home permanently engaging employees is harder than ever. The numbers reflect it, with only 15% of employees actively engaged. If you've been tasked with re-connecting employees, reducing staff turnover, improving employee satisfaction, and boosting engagement - this playbook is for you. 

What's inside this employee engagement playbook?


  • Understand what employee engagement really means and the difference between the three levels of engaged staff so you can take a health check of your workforce
  • Discover the benefits of actively pursuing an employee engagement strategy, so you have the knowledge and resources to support investing time and resources into yours
  • Learn 10 key strategies to engage employees, especially in a hybrid workplace where some staff are remote, so no team member gets left behind
  • Minimize time spent on creating engaging content in your digital workplace with a handy infographic packed with ideas
  • Become an expert in employee engagement to help create a connected and committed workforce, and avoid costly resignation and turnover 

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