Why Intranets Fail & How to Make Yours a Success
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Too traditional, uninviting, or poorly adapted to the needs of Communications, HR, IT, and employees - 90% of intranets fail to achieve their objectives! 

But success doesn't have to be hard! Learn the secrets to a successful intranet everyone will want to use.  Join the intranet experts at Powell Software for this on demand webinar.

Intranet success is just around the corner.


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2x more adoption than traditional intranets

Double the amount of social interaction

100% targeted & mutli-lingual communications

In this 45-minute watch anytime webinar we'll show you:

  • Why so many legacy intranets fall short of expectations.
  • Intranet essentials to know before launching your project.
  • How to build an intranet designed for hybrid working.
  • Key elements of Powell Intranet that make it a modern, social & successful intranet.
Meet the speakers...

Julien Roland

Product Marketing Manager at Powell Software, Julien knows the best kept secrets to designing a successful intranet. 

Matt Weston

MVP & Managing Director at Vantage 365. Matt is an expert in helping organisations get a better return on investment from Microsoft 365.

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