▶️ ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Powell Intranet vs. SharePoint

Can I get more from my SharePoint intranet? How?

Analysts, including Gartner, Forrester, and Clearbox, agree that most organizations using Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Viva don’t have the capabilities to create a true, complete intranet solution that answers the demands of the modern workplace.

Find out the pros and cons of defaulting to SharePoint and see the added features you get with a tool like Powell intranet that’s truly built for your business.

Better collaboration is just around the corner.

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2x more adoption than traditional intranets

Double the amount of social interaction

100% targeted & mutli-lingual communications

In this 30-minute webinar, the team will outline important features you need for a modern intranet, including:

  • Deployment & Maintenance Features 
  • Content & Intranet Management 
  • Business Contributors
  • Access & Security 
Meet the speakers...

Anthony McGinnis 

As a Senior Solutions Engineer, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge surrounding user experience, processes, and employee enablement to drive technology adoption and growth.

Jonathan King

Director for North America at Powell Software. With over 8 years of SaaS and M365 experience, his focus is partnering with organizations to ensure their digital workplace and analytics projects are successful.

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