The Opaa! Story 

Moving from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online and Building an Effective Intranet.

A food management company serving about  300,000 students in more than 900 schools across the Midwest realized their on-premises, email reliant workflows were not scaling with company growth.

The decision to move from an on-premises SharePoint platform to one in the cloud required adjusting their intranet strategies and services. 

Tune in to the webinar and learn how they utilized Powell intranet out-of-the-box features to develop and empower teamwork with Microsoft 365.

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Meet the speakers...

Cody Null 

Information System Administrator, responsible for the upkeep of critical information systems, development of new process for Opaa!'s technology needs.

Jonathan King

Director for North America at Powell Software. With over 8 years of SaaS and M365 experience, his focus is partnering with organizations to ensure their digital workplace and analytics projects are successful.

In this 15-minute webinar, you'll hear from Opaa!:

  • Challenges the company had with their previous intranet
  • How they updated their intranet for a better experience on SharePoint Online
  • How they utilized Powell Software to build a better design for their sites
  • The business problems they were able to solved
  • How they see their intranet evolving 

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