👨‍🚀 Best Practices from an Expert -  Martyn Perks, Digital Workplace Consultant & Analyst

Regular and engaging content is the secret to a successful intranet launch. In fact, content is the lifeblood of your organization. 

But creating and managing intranet content can be overwhelming and overshadow the launch of your intranet project.

👉 Fear not, as we’ve brought the expert in designing an intranet content strategy that drives results.

Tune in to the webinar and learn; why organizations still rely on the intranet and best practices for launching and animating yours.

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Meet the Speaker - Martyn Perks

Martyn is an experienced digital workplace consultant - advising all kinds of global organizations on how to use technology the right way, improving internal communication and employee productivity. He writes and comments for CMSwire, Simply Communicate, Internal Comms Pro, and ClearBox’s digital workplace reports.

In this 60-minute watch anytime webinar we'll show you:

  • What makes great content; why your content isn't being read and 7 concrete ways to improve your communications
  • How to keep content fresh & implement proper (useful) governance
  • Why an editor makes the differene
  • How to engage employees & give them a voice in your intranet
  • Actionable tips to engage employees in the intranet

And lot's more! Once you download the webinar you can come back to watch it as many times as you like.

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