SteelWave made the move to a cloud intranet to connect dispersed office and field workers

With the help of Powell Software and partner 2toLead, SteelWave created an easily accessible digital workplace to keep employees informed.
 Who We Are | SteelWave 

SteelWave LLC is a design-led commercial real estate developer, creating innovative solutions across the Western U.S. 

With offices located around the country and most of their employees out in the field, SteelWave needed to move away from a file server/shared folders system to a cloud network allowing for more convenient connectivity and access. They also wanted to better motivate and engage employees, while keeping everyone informed and up-to-date.

Download the case study by completing the form and discover how SteelWave helped field and remote employees work more efficiently, improved internal communication, and created a sense of connection with a cloud intranet solution.

''The intranet solution is a dynamic, attractive portal that looked alive with personality to keep our employees engaged''


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When you download this case study you'll learn how a modern cloud intranet solution can not only provide easy access to documents but improve communication and connection.


Key Insights:

  • Discover why SteelWave decided to turn to Powell Intranet as a cost-effective, attractive cloud intranet solution that met all its needs 
  • Learn how an appealing intranet portal boosted employee motivation
  • See how Powell Intranet responded to SteelWaves priorities: convention access for field workers, aligned with company rebranding, connect employees and improve onboarding

Facilitate remote work, enhance internal communications and boost productivity with a modern intranet from Powell Software. 

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