Connecting a distributed workforce with ''Your Cooee'' the virtual front door to RSL LifeCare

With the help of Powell Software and partner Synergy, RSL LifeCare made the move to a sophisticated intranet accessible to those on the field or in the office.
 RSL LifeCare 

RSL LifeCare is a charitable organisation caring for over 7,500 residents in 28 retirement villages and 28 Aged Care Homes across NSW and the ACT, Australia. 

As part of its digital transformation journey, RSL LifeCare needed to move from a ''clunky'' legacy system to a sophisticated, cloud-based, intranet accessible to all employees. The objective was to create a single source of truth, provide easy access to policies, connect a distributed workforce and communicate urgent information to everyone.  

Download the case study by completing the form and discover how RSL LifeCare offered easy access to documents and better searchability with Powell Intranet, thanks to partner Synergy and Powell Software. 

‘’It was a great opportunity to implement a digital workplace that is easily usable, anywhere, anytime and that employees could really engage with as a central source of truth’’


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Powell Intranet


When you download this case study you'll learn how an intranet can act as a single source of truth providing easy access to documents and policies to everyone on the field or in the office. 


Key Insights:

  • Learn why RSL LifeCare needed a cloud-based intranet for quick access to policies
  • Discover how RSL LifeCare, with partner Synergy, personalized Powell Intranet to match RSL LifeCares branding and internal look and feel
  • See how Powell Intranet responded to RSL LifeCares objectives: easy access to documents, simplified contributor experience, connected distributed workforce, ability to communicate urgent information to everyone
  • See what else is in store for this digital transformation project, and the Powell Software tools RSL LifeCare can leverage to really engage employees further like the Virtual Coffee shop, and give access to frontline workers 

Connect a distributed workforce with a secure, Microsoft 365 based intranet, where every employee can contribute. 

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