How Quest Diagnostics Created a Centralized Online Space for 46,000 Employees

With Powell Intranet from Powell Software, Quest Diagnostics created 'Our Quest' a comprehensive digital workplace.


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Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, with multiples offices in the United States and more internationally.

When Quest Diagnostics decided to implement a digital workplace, they wanted a complete solution and a centralized space to connect their 46,000 employees. So Quest Diagnostics chose to implement Powell Intranet. 

Download the case study by completing the form and learn how Powell Intranet helped Quest Diagnostics improve conversation, collaboration and information management. 

When you download this case study you'll learn how to leverage the power of the digital workplace to its full potential.


Key Insights:

  • Discover how to improve conversation with an interactive and social intranet 
  • Learn how employees can collaborate, partner, and share best practices 
  • See how Powell Intranet responded to Quest Diagnostics two priorities: improve search and access to documents and enhance the employee experience

Connect global teams with an inclusive and accessible digital workspace. 

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