How OPAA! is retaining customers and enabling communication with a Microsoft 365 digital workplace

With the help of Powell Software and Valorem Replay, Opaa! Food Management created a modern digital workplace.
 Opaa! Food Management specializes in serving the nutritional needs of 250,000 K-12 school-children in the Midwest, USA. Founded in 1978, Opaa remains a family-owned business that has expanded to employ over 3,500 staff. 

When Opaa! realized their on-premises, email reliant workflows were not scaling with comapny growth they decided to levergae the power of Microsoft 365 cloud technologies. So Opaa! came to Valorem Reply and Powell Software to start their digital tranformation project. 

Download the case study by completing the form and learn how Powell Intranet helped Opaa! Food Management retain customers and improve internal processes. 



 Food Services


Powell Intranet

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When you download this case study you'll learn how to leverage the power of a Microsoft 365 digital workplace to its full potential. 


Key Insights:

  • Discover how to provide a centralised repository so employees can easily locate information
  • Learn how moving to the cloud allowed Opaa! to kickstart their modern workplace journey
  • See how Powell Intranet responded to Opaa! Food Managements two priorities: improve speed of communications and ensure optimal communication, collaboration and coordination

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