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How LiftFund created a complete intranet portal
in under 3 months


LiftFund is a non-profit organization headquartered in San Antonio, Texas that provides credit and services to small businesses and entrepreneurs who don't have access to loans from commercial sources.

✔️ LiftFund decided to build an accessible and functional intranet that offered better security and encouraged employee collaboration. So LiftFund came to Powell Software and partner RSM. 

⬇️ Download the case study and discover how LiftFund empowered employees, reduced the time spent by IT on intranet management, and increased productivity by giving employees easy access to resources. 

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Powell Intranet

North America

When you download this case study you'll learn how a modern intranet solution can act as a real business support. 



Key Insights:

  • Discover why LiftFund decided to turn to Powell Intranet instead of opting for a costly and time-consuming in-house SharePoint intranet
  • Learn how LiftFund managed to deploy their intranet portal in under three months thanks to having a strong team including the VP of IT, a SharePoint developer, and Project Manager 
  • See how Powell Intranet responded to LiftFunds priorities for a digital workplace that was: Accessible, functional for day-to-day activities, offered security, and encouraged collaboration

“We were immediately drawn to the many different, unique aesthetics that Powell Intranet offered, and saw great value in saving time and resources to develop and maintain our SharePoint intranet " 


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