How a health company successfully realized an intuitive digital workplace for 12,000 staff

With Powell Intranet from Powell Software, this health company created a comprehensive digital workplace.

Building an intuitive and collaborative digital workplace that’s accessible from any device requires the right provider. When a health company, in the medical diagnostics sector, came to Powell Software looking to update their intranet, they found just that. With over 12,000 employees, not all working at a desktop, the medical diagnostics client needed a modern digital workplace to better respond to employee needs.

Download the customer testimonial now, by completeing the form, and learn how our client achieved their full project goals with the help of Powell Software.

‘‘Provide employees with a single centralized platform that gives them access to all the resources they need in their working day, and also, somewhere that contributes to the feeling of belonging’’

 Health Care


Powell Intranet


Download the case study to discover how this medical diagnostics company successfuly underwent a full digital tranformation journey to implement a modern and collaborative intranet.

Key Insights:

  • Discover how this health company managed to provide a digital workplace for all employees, even those without a desk
  • Learn how the digital transformation project simplified employees daily tasks
  • Explore how employee experience remained a key focus in the project
  • Understand the full steps involved in getting an intranet up and ready to go
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