How AFM Téléthon connected employees and volunteers through the digital workplace
With Powell Intranet from Powell Software, AFM created an easy to use intranet.


AFM Téléthon needed a new, easy to use intranet connecting their few hundred employees and volunteers, so they came to Powell Software. Impressed with the results, and following a jump in Microsoft Teams use, AFM wanted to leverage this communication tool with Powell Teams. They now have a complete digital workplace allowing collaboration and connection. 

Discover how AFM implemented a complete digital workplace with Powell Intranet and Powell Teams! Complete the form and disciver the success story today.


‘‘Between 2016 and 2020, we gained users very slowly. With the crisis, all of a sudden, employees and volunteers were forced to work remotely and adopt a multitude of tools. As a result, employees are now using Microsoft solutions much more.’’





Powell Intranet



Download the success story to learn more about AFM-Téléthon's project and get insights into the project from Karim Guenaneche, Global Administrator Office 365 at AFM Telethon, as he explains in detail his experience implementing a digital workplace with Powell Software.

Key insights:

  •  Understanding the need for an intranet leveraging Microsoft 365 tools 

  • Explosion of intranet use during confinement and remote work

  • Creating a more intuitive Teams experience with Powell Teams

  • Next steps and bridging Teams and the intranet 

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