Discover how Silva Homes launched its digital transformation with SORCE and Powell Software!


Silva Homes contacted Powell Software to replace an existing in-house built intranet that was not longer fit for purpose or meeting user needs, Silva Homes trusted us and SORCE in empowering their employess with a brand new collaborative Digital Workplace. Powell 365 is the native Office 365 intranet that streamline its Microsoft integration.

Discover how Powell 365 helped their company by reading the case study!

Silva Homes Testimony


Justine Thompson

Justine Thompson
Internal Lead Transformation Partner, Silva Homes

In this case study, Justine Thompson tells us why they decided to work with us to enhance their digital transformation. She explained the challenges that they were facing and how Powell 365 helped the company to develop its activity. Alan Ward, Silva's chief executive, insisted on how crucial was to share relevant information within the company.

Whithin six months, Silva Homes worked with Powell Software and SORCE to build an intranet matching its employees needs:
 -Empowering and engaging employees
 -Streamlining information and business opportunities
 -Bringing together the new and complex Office 365 suite into an user-friendly employee experience
 -Deliver a powerful and personnalized workplace that is easy to maintain and to implement



How did Silva Homes realize its digital transformation by linking its employees with Powell 365 ?

-Enhance digital performance and boost knowledge sharing.

-Which challenges powell 365 and SORCE teams faced ?

Flexible implementation streamlining Office 365 adoption.

-Innovative solution based on user experience.

Discover how Powell 365 and SORCE helped Silva Homes in developing their intranet.


They trust us

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