🔐Cracking the Employee Intranet Code

Learn the secrets to building an intranet to inform, engage & include everyone!

Internal Communications and HR Managers are struggling to keep employees informed and engaged in the hybrid workplace, It's a challenge the company intranet can help solve. But getting there relies on two factors: implementing the right employee intranet platform and doing it well.

Building an intranet that everyone loves, that delivers information and creates a great employee experience doesn’t have to be difficult. 

In this on demand webinar we'll show you how.

In this webinar, you'll learn:


check  How the company intranet makes great communication easy 

check How to go beyond delivering information to engage employees

check How to reach everyone, and ensure no one gets left behind

Start your employee intranet journey with a deep dive into key topics essential to building a successful intranet. Join the digital workplace experts at Powell Software for this on demand three-part webinar.

Inform & Engage in One Portal

Discover Powell Intranet, a simple and single portal to communicate news, events and documents and provide the right employee experience. In this video we show you why internal comms managers and HR love the functionalities of the modern intranet.

Beyond the Traditional Intranet

Learn how HR & Comms can go beyond the traditional intranet to create an engaging portal where employees can connect with each other and the company. Discover the social features of Powell Intranet comms managers will love, employees will want to use and HR will reap the benefits from.

Creating an Inclusive Online Workspace

Explore how to create an inclusive online workspace accessible to remote, deskless and field workers. Discover how Powell Intranet and our mobile intranet app can help you ensure communications reach everyone.

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