Time for a Health Check!

See what your MS Teams says about your end-users usage.

Powell Teams' new admin dashboard is designed to provide IT admins with an overview of the tenant's health. The dashboard also serves as a home page for admins to track what's important to them, such as tenant usage and compliance. The goal is to have a more assisted and guided experience with Microsoft Teams governance. 


Our customers outline that they:

Enhance teamwork in Microsoft Teams and make it an effortless
collaboration experience that's easy to manage and govern.


Divide by two the number
of teams creation per employee



Save 80% of the management time
associated with the team life cycle



Divide by two the number of
harmful teams


 We offer you a Teams Health Check and a free 14 day-trial to help you determine where you are with Teams Governance and Lifecycle management.
See by yourself see how easy it is to set a Teams Governance framework!

Discover where you are with Teams Sprawl

As an IT admin in charge of Microsoft 365 & Teams, you find that Teams adoption comes with challenges: too many unnecessary teams are created, employees complain about feeling lost, you’re unsure if Teams are secure and compliant

Powell Teams scans your Microsoft Teams tenant and provides a health overview:​

  • How many teams in your tenant​
  • How many potentially "harmful" teams: guest access, missing owners, inactive teams, public teams,...​

Get your Governance Score and Perform Quick Wins

Get a review of the results with and understand where you are in term of Teams Governance as compared to the other organization through our Governance score​.

Take immediate actions to perform quick wins on the worst harmful teams: 

  • Change privacy,
  • Ask teams owner to remove unnecessary guest,
  • Archive inactive teams,…

Improve your Teams Lifecycle Management

Powell Teams assists IT admins by providing templates & automation:​

  • Ready-to-set governance​
  • Life cycle management​
  • Business processes in Teams

What's in it for me?

Get a full scan of your Microsoft Teams tenant from a governance perspective. In just a few hours, you will know:

✔️ The number of Teams in your tenant,
✔️ The number of potentially "harmful" Teams,
✔️ Teams with guest access,
✔️ Teams with missing owners,
✔️ Inactive groups (90 days),
✔️ Public teams

We offer you a Teams Health Check to help you determine where you are with Teams Governance and Lifecycle management. You will get a free 14 day-trial to understand better how easy it is to set a Teams Governance framework.


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